Introducing my #PopCulturePlaylist 🌟

I love learning about the newest, coolest, quirkiest, best *everything* as a magazine editor, so I started sharing my favorites on my Instagram! I post recommendations of new books, entertainment, apps, products, and travel. Here is a curation of my top #PopCulturePlaylist posts…

May 19, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.07.49 AMToday’s #PopCulturePlaylist ➡️ is all about Netflix! So many great shows are coming out and I want you to be the first of your friends to binge these seasons & new series 📺. (But totally take a break over the weekend for #brunch 🥞🍳and #rosé🍷. The weather’s gonna be great in #NYC ☀️.) Now turn on your #AppleTV (or #GoogleChrome, #AmazonFirestick, #SmartTV, whatever) and press play▶️…
NEW THIS WEEKEND: 💁Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (5/19): YASSS!!! Can’t wait to see Ellie Kemper and Jane Krakowski back in action. #unbreakablekimmyschmidt
COMING SOON: 🃏House of Cards (5/30): Manipulative politicians doing anything to get what they want? Sounds a bit too familiar.
Orange is the New Black (6/9): RIP Poussey. I still can’t get over it and either can the ladies at Litchfield: Season 5 spans just the 3 days after her death. #oitnb
💪GLOW (6/23): The Glorious Ladies of Wresting are coming straight at us from the 80’s, spandex bodysuits and all. #glownetflix
ALREADY OUT: 👩‍💼Girl Boss: An entertaining take on the reality behind Nasty Gal + @brittlrobertson is amazing as always! #girlboss
🚫Master of None: Hi, @azizansari! This is my planned binge tonight #masterofnone
📝Dear White People: Also on my binge-list. Picks up where the 2014 film left off, but there’s no catch-up required. It’s a new story about the group of black students at a mostly white elite university. #dearwhitepeople


February 24, 2017


My #FridayFavorites:
1.🍦Forty Carrots at Bloomingdales🛍. One of my favorite #sweeeeeats spots in #Manhattan. So excited #froyo season ☀️is (almost) back!
2. 🎥 The Academy Awards. Don’t forget the #Oscars are on Sunday night. 🏆 Maybe #LaLaLand won’t sweep, like everyone thinks it will. Good luck hosting, @JimmyKimmel!
3. 📚 “Funny Girl” by Nick Hornby. Have you #read this one yet? It’s one of my favorites! It’s about a girl in 1960’s London who wants to be a star⭐️. Great read for #oscars2017 weekend. #goodreads #bookclub
4. 🍽 Georgetown Cupcakes now sells #cupcake mix at Williams-Sonoma(‼️). If you can’t get to one of the bakeries (in #Soho in Manhattan), whip up a batch at home. 🥄 Seriously the best #cupcakes. #georgetowncupcakes

February 10, 2017


My #FridayFavorites:
1. 📺 What was your favorite #SuperBowl LI commercial? Mine was @melissamccarthy trying to save the environment for @kiamotorsusa. Couldn’t stop laughing
2. 🎶 The Grammys: Don’t forget the #Grammys are on #CBS Sunday night. #beyonce vs. #adele for album of the year 🏆🏆🏆 Let’s see how that one ends…
3. 🍭 Sugarwish: Not sure what to get your ❤️ for #ValentinesDay? Send them a #Sugarwish (@sugarwishgirl) and they can pick out their fave candy. 🍬🍫No way to mess this one up–but if you do get a gift you hate, read the 🔗 in my bio.
4. 🐶 Puppy Love: @therealpugoliver shared @Womansdaymag‘s March issue (on newsstands now). Inside is a beautiful essay by his owner Alison Hodgson!

February 3, 2017

screen-shot-2017-02-26-at-8-54-03-pmMy #FridayFavorites:
1. 📲WNYC’s #podcast ‘Note to Self’ has a week-long #privacy paradox series from Feb. 6-10. Try their challenges to take back control of your data & digital identity! #notetoself
2. 🎶 @ladygaga‘s #SuperBowl #halftime performance. Will she protest, try a high-flying stunt, have Queen Bey 🐝 @beyonce with her? So many rumors and I can’t wait to watch
3. ❤️ It’s #NationalWearRedDay to support the #AmericanHeartAssociation. Throw on some red lipstick, snap a selfie, and join @redbookmag with #TeamRedWearsRed and @womansdaymag with #GoRedWearRed! #stayhearthealthy
4. 📺 ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ premiered on @amazon last week. The jazz-age series about Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald is a must-watch for lit lovers. Especially anyone who read ‘Z’ by Therese Anne Fowler. #tvreview

January 20, 2017

screen-shot-2017-02-26-at-8-57-49-pmMy #FridayFavorites:
1. 📺 “This is Us” It took me a while to warm up to this show, tbh. (I know, I know.) But I’m excited there will officially be a 2nd and 3rd season! #thisisus #nbc
2. 📚The #Ellies are like the #Oscars of magazine writing. Nominations came out yesterday on twitter (@asme1963) and I love celebrating the amazing writing, reporting, and editing in print and digital #magazines. I’m reading my way through the list now!
3. 🎭 “Dear Evan Hansen” One of the most buzzed about shows on #broadway and I’m SO excited to see it tonight. I’m ready for all of the feels.
4. 🛍 Lavish Little Luxuries: These cute personalized mugs ☕️make perfect gifts🎁. (Plus, they’re designed by a rockstar #girlboss!) Order on @Etsy #lavishlittleluxuries #etsy#idontgiveasip

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